Social Pariah is the incurable reprobate’s one stop shop for awesome merch representing all the best sub cultures.Our dubious Trinity of unholy miscreants -the Grizzled Inker, the Zombie Hunter and the Scarlet Vixen-constantly scour the land for tasty loot that we know our fellow pariahs will get a kick out of . If you’ve got the cojones to express yourself without giving a damn what the rest of the world thinks then you’re one of us, and we have something to suit your style.

Legends half whispered up and down the country only scratch the surface of who we are and what we do.Some say Social Pariah has made a dark pact with the forces of awesome to summon exclusive designs from the minds of killer artists,channeling their spirit into jewellery, accessories, ornaments & household items, ready to be unleashed upon depraved culture junkies everywhere.

 Just like every pariah that visits our store we exercise our right to stand out from the crowd and be different-its feels damn good, and the days when being a pariah meant being alone wolf are long gone. Like a uncontrollable storm brewing up in a fevered nightmare,Social Pariah sees a vision of proud freaks, geeks and uniques rising up from every corner of every sub culture to join together as the arbiters of all that is awesome, and to express their shared obsession with badass art and design.